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MS Office Customer Service- Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office Word is a kind of softwareandisa word processor. Microsoft office is developed by Microsoft Corporation.


The first version of the Microsoft Office was released on 25 October 1983 under the name Multi-Tool Word. We can read and write the file in this office. Microsoft Customer Support helps the customers to resolve their glitches with MS Word.


Microsoft office word is most important for every professional person because today all countries became digital and we can say that many people do not use the pen and copy for writing.


If you are a professional person so you use this software. We can write the formal speech in this office and can give the formal speech with the help of the Microsoft office word. We can only read and write to the docs file through the software. 


Marketable versions of Word are licensed as a standalone product or as a component of Microsoft Office, Windows RT or the discontinued Microsoft Works suite. Microsoft Word Viewer and Office Online are freeware editions of Word with limited features.


MS Word Support


Feature of the Microsoft Office Word:-





If you write the word then that time your spelling became wrong and forgot the meaning then you wrote the wrong meaning. And then you go to the cursor and click at the meaning.


After the click, you click the right shift key then show the suggestion box. Only you will be the select first meaning of the suggestion box. Thus your spelling will be correct.


Read the guide to know about MS Excel- Microsoft Support







This is the most important feature of the Microsoft word office because you wrote the more than 10 pages then you want to search a special word .it is a difficult task for every people. Microsoft Word office delivers the facility for the searching. 


Only you have to press the ctrl+f key then you will meet the word. And you want to replace a special word so you can press the ctrl+h key so you will be meet the one box here you provide two options.


You will write that special word and the second option we’ll the replace the word. Then will be replaced the word file of the whole file.

If you are facing issues with this feature, you can easily solve this with the help of MS Office Customer Service 




If you want to use the hyperlink in the word file .this feature is really helpful for the every person. Here we can talk about the how to make the hyperlink in the word file?


Firstly you select the word on which you want, after selecting the word you can click the right shift key and select the option of the hyperlink then show the open new window so you can write the link who you want.


If you have any doubt that is related to the Microsoft office word .you can contract to the Microsoft Tech Support team. This team delivers the best solution for you. This team is available 24x7 hours in a week.

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